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Are Projectors Good For Gaming?

Playing games on a bigger screen gives you maximum enjoyment and an amazing gaming experience. Playing games of the best quality and speed projectors with a large visual screen makes it different from all over the world.

Projectors are good for gaming but the right ones. You must be sure that TVs were the mainstream option but with advancements in technology people want something different. TVs with large screens are available but they are very expensive. Projectors with the same price can provide you the better quality and features.

TVs with 100 inches are available but if you want to enjoy the big screen then digital projectors are the best option.  Different projectors are available which can provide you the quality of 1080p to 4k while gaming. Projectors are good for gaming because they provide us with two times bigger displays than tv without compromising the quality and speed.

Are Projectors Effective for Gaming?

Yes, Projectors are effective for gaming but not all. Any regular protectors are not effective for gaming. You must consider some important points while purchasing projectors for gaming.

The following points must be considered for good gaming projectors:

1.     Gaming Projectors are Powerful and Hence Expensive

The gaming projectors are more powerful therefore they are expensive. The cheap projector cannot provide you with the best quality. Cheap projectors look relatively poor while dealing with fast-moving actions, and the panicked scenes in video games. Therefore, it is necessary to invest some money if you want to enjoy good gaming quality on big screens.

2.     Must-Have features for Gaming Projectors

Effective gaming projectors must have effective features including high resolution, quick refresh rate, and low input latency. Otherwise, the quality can be ineffective. The picture may look poor or blurry.

3.     Installation of Gaming Projector

Projectors require a proper location for effective working. Projectors can project the image on a simple wall but it can disrupt the quality of color accuracy of the picture. However professional or proper projector screens are recommended to make your game more impressive.

4.     Required Ambient Light

Projectors cannot effectively work in daylight. Some projectors can but normally you need to use shutters or curtains to make your room dark for effective results. That’s why light is an important factor to consider while using projectors.

Shortcomings of Gaming projectors

Like TVs, projectors also have some shortcomings. They have some interface delays as TVs do but it depends upon the quality of the projectors. It is very important to review the features or characteristics of the projectors while purchasing them. Some projectors have different modes that reduce the input lags.

 Input lags define the interval between the video signals received by projectors and when it starts to project. Low-cost projectors with high input latency can destroy the quality of your gaming performance. However, if you can afford then it is feasible to buy the projector with 1ms of lag.

Can PS5 be Played on projectors?

Yes, you can play PS5 on a projector. Like television, you can connect your gams to the projector with the help of an HDMI connector. Again, good standards are very essential for effective results.

With the advancement in technology gaming projectors are now equal to TVs in terms of input latency, resolution, speed, and the quality of the image. Not only this, they are some steps superior to traditional televisions for example size of the screen.

Things You Should Keep in Mind while Using Gaming Projectors

The following points must keep in your mind while playing games on projectors:

1)     Brightness

Playing games on projectors can make your gaming experience more amazing. Brightness is the main factor that must be considered while gaming on projectors. Most projectors are designed to work in the dark while sometimes the lights need to be on. Screen quality can be affected by this feature.

You must be aware of the brightness, screen quality, speed, and resolution while using projectors. If you are using a dark room or home theater system then the projectors with 1000 or more lumens are enough. But if there is an ambient room then a projector with at least 1500 lumen is required. Similarly, for a lighter room more than 3000 lumens are required. This projector has the lumen specification of 2200 which best fit with the ambient light but not the brighter room.

2)     Distance

One other important factor is the distance from the projector. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet for gaming then you need to be near the screen. But if you are using the projectors for gaming you should be some inches away from the screen.

The distance from the projectors depends upon the size of the room. Different projectors are designed for different distances. For small rooms, short throw projectors are best. These projectors can be placed 6 to 8 feet away.

There are the following points that must be considered to determine the distance from the projectors:

  • You must be aware of the length and width of the room
  • Ensure the distance required for your desired screen.

3)     The refresh rate of the projector

Another very important factor that must be considered is the refresh rate of projectors. It is very frustrating that you are in the middle of the top level of the game and the image gets blurry just because of slow time lag. Therefore, refresh rate and time lag are very important for serious gamers.

A fast refresh rate provides you with bright and clear images. The graphic will be smoother. The projector with a refresh rate of 120hz or higher is much compatible.

Pros of Gaming Projectors

Everything in the universe has certain pros and cons. Similarly, projectors also have some. Below are mentioned some pros of gaming projectors.

Cost effective as compared to the TV screen

Cost means the cost of the projector per inch as compared to the tv screen. TVs with 100 inches are available but they are very expensive. Projectors with 100 to 120’’ are available and because of their cost, they leave the TVs much behind.

Size of the screen

The property of the projector which appeals to the people is the size of the projector. Larger displays with similar prices as TVs are another reason for choosing the projectors for gaming. The big screen provides more features and helps to enjoy the game.

Projector saves space as it takes very small space to set up. TVs require much space in a room as compared to the projector. You can simply set up a projector in a very small space in any corner of the room.

Life Span

The life span of the projector is very good. They are not the old-age projectors, now they have very good features and a good life span as well.

Easy to Move

Projectors can be moved from one place to another. They are not fixed in any specific place. They are easy to use and moveable.

Cons of Gaming Projectors

There are some cons of the projectors as well.

External speakers

The in-built quality of the projectors is not as good that you can rely on it for good sound. If you want good sound features with your game then you should invest and buy some external speakers.

Heat and noise of projectors

One main issue or disadvantage of the projector is that they get hot and noisy. After working sometime, they get hot.

Projectors emit heat and noise. There are fans present in the projectors to reduce the heat. These fans produce noise.  If you manage to reduce the heat, you can also reduce the noise.

To reduce the heat, the vents in projectors should not be blocked. Vents help to improve airflow and reduce heat.

Takes time to Turn on and off

The average projector still takes some time to turn on and off as compared to television. Time taking is not a big deal but it can be frustrating sometimes for some people.


It is concluded that projectors are very good for gaming. Playing games on the projector is an amazing experience. Projectors are providing you with a surface that is bigger than TVs screen with all the qualities TVs do. Projectors are not fixed at any place. You can use it where you want. You can enjoy movies outdoor by using projectors.         


       i.          What should you look for in a projector for gaming?

The resolution, input lag, and refresh rate are the important features of the gaming projectors. Your chosen projectors should support the features you want to display. One more important thing is that the projectors with low input lag will provide you the impressive results.

     ii.          Why are projectors good for gaming?

Projectors are good for gaming because of the following benefits:

  • Projectors are more immersive than tv screens
  • Reduce eye strain on gamers
  • It can easily be moved from one place to another
  • You can sit away from the screen while playing
  • They are cost-effective and efficient.

    iii.          How much input lag is preferred for gaming projectors?

Input lag is a very important factor of gaming projectors. The input lag range of gaming projectors must be 30ms to 40ms. These speed projectors are very good for most competitive gamers.