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Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. On this page, we will explain how gathers and applies user data. This Privacy Policy works hand-in-hand with our Website’s Terms & Conditions, and together they lay down the general rules and regulations for using our Website. In order to be able to use our Website, you must agree to both our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

Which Information Is Collected

Information about our company’s privacy policies can be found here. If you would like to use this website or submit any confidential or personal information, please read the privacy statement listed here.

The fact that you use this site implies that you accept these privacy policy guidelines. If the privacy policy needs to be changed in the future, you will be informed, and the changes will be applied only if you decide to keep using our site.

It is recommended that you review the privacy policies anytime you visit the site or enter into any agreements with us. It is important that you pay attention to how we use the information you provide us.

The privacy policies published here are applicable only to this website. Do not expect any other website to comply with them. All websites have their own privacy policies. Make sure to read the privacy policies of any websites you are dealing with.


We use cookies and tracking technology on our website. Depending on its features, cookies may be used. By using trackers and cookies, we can collect information about matters like operating systems and browser types. In addition to tracking users’ numbers, it may be used to understand how traffic uses the website.

Additionally, cookies allow website visitors to customize their experience on the website. To be clear, no personal information is collected through cookies or any other tracking technologies.

Policy regarding the distribution of information

We will only share information with investigative bodies, such as government agencies, if needed to prevent fraud or investigate a matter. It is important to note that we will never distribute or sell your information.

Website Security

We track our website’s visitor count, but we never collect personal data such as email addresses or phone numbers. We may acquire your IP address or other information, but these details are not used in any way.

Advertisements Policy

We feature promotional advertisements on our website, such as Ezoic Ads and other commercials. Nevertheless, we don’t acquire any individual data from those who visit our website and view the advertisements.

External Links Policy

We insert connections to external sites to provide you with more detailed information about a particular subject. Those connections will transport you to their website. Nevertheless, we are not accountable if you encounter any malicious software or spam from their website. We are only accountable for our website and its internal connections.

Google AdWords Policy

We utilize tools and other functions such as Google Ads to publicize our material. This has no relation to your private data or security.

Data Security

The information you provide on our website will always be kept secure. These details are only available to representatives, employees, contractors, and other associates who have agreed in advance not to disclose them. In case you decide not to receive future mailings, you can opt-out. If you request to be excluded from emails and newsletters, all emails and newsletters will not be sent to you.

Affiliate Disclosure

Our website includes affiliate links which result in commission being earned from successful purchases. This does not influence the cost of your purchases or the prices you pay, as we do not add any extra charges.


To enhance and refine your online experience, we utilize “Cookies” to present tailored content, pertinent advertising and store your personalization on your device. Therefore, you must consent to cookies and modify this setting to obtain the finest services for yourself.

Ezoic Services

This website uses the services of Ezoic Inc. (“Ezoic”). Ezoic’s privacy policy is here. Ezoic may employ a variety of technologies on this website, including to display advertisements and enable advertising to visitors of this website. For additional information about Ezoic’s advertising partners, please see Ezoic’s Advertising Partner Page here.

Privacy Policy Changes

As time progresses, we might need to adjust our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Rest assured that the safety of your personal data is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, you can visit our website with confidence knowing that your data is secure and the information is reliable. Thank you!