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Best Places to Put the Projector in Your Bedroom

Looking for a suitable place to fit your projector in the bedroom? Let’s explore some of the best bedroom locations that you can use for your projector’s placement. The best location of a projector in the bedroom will turn it into a cinematic system.

Projectors are the best source of entertainment and fun, nowadays. People love to have a projector where they can watch and enjoy their family time. But, the problem sometimes people face is the location of the projector. It is quite confusing to decide whether the projector should be placed at one point or the other in the bedroom. So that the bedroom will turn into a cinema hall.

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Best Places to Put Projectors in Bedroom

In our recent article, we’ve tried our best to find and describe the best locations in your bedroom that will suit your projector. Also, placing the projector bedroom in such places will illuminate the overall beauty of the bedroom.

1.    Ceiling:

When you want to watch a movie use a projector that is connected to a motorized mechanism. The ceiling is the best option here.

  • Projectors can slowly drop from a trap door in the ceiling and hoist back up into their hiding position.
  • The amount of space required above the ceiling will depend on the size of the projector and the lift’s required range of motion.
  • Ventilation and cooling devices can also be added accordingly.
  • Supply the electrical power above the ceiling to run the lift’s engine.
  • Setting the projector above the ceiling can be time-consuming but expensive to some extent.

2.    Bed’s Headboard:

Another place for putting your projector in your bedroom is behind the headboard of your bed. Trust us, you should try this place to observe a distinctive experience. A romantic and peaceful ambiance can be created in your bedroom by positioning a projector behind a headboard or bed canopy.

In addition, the ability to regulate the room’s lighting is its location’s significant benefit. Everyone desires to watch late-night films or television programs on large displays. But there are some claims of fewer users that this place isn’t ideal for using a projector in the daytime. You can use this place for nighttime experiences.

3.    Built-in Wall:

Coming up next with the built-in wall in the bedroom that will put the projector inside itself to have the best projecting experience. This built-in wall is suitable for those who have a built-in niche in their bedroom walls. It is an excellent idea to put a projector on this wall to conserve space and conceal the projector.

Returning to the main point, installing a projector in a built-in niche in the wall is ideal, most probably if the projector is outdated and unsightly. This approach is less common, though, because only fewer bedrooms have a built-in wall.

4.    Table/Desk:

Next, you can also use a plain empty table or a desk to put your projector in the bedroom. It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to place your projector safely in the bedroom without putting much effort. Do you carry a projector with a table mount for your bedroom? If the answer is affirmative, that is just ideal.

Placing the projector above a desk or other workplace in your bedroom can be the best way to achieve the best projecting angle. There is a desk or table in every bedroom. To meet the requirements, choose a projector that can be mounted on the table or the desk if you don’t have a ceiling mount projector.

5.    Individual Theater Room:

Likewise, if you have an attached room in your bedroom that you can convert into a theater system. Then, this is the best-opted choice you can make to put your projector in the bedroom. Well, you can obtain the best sound and visual quality from this place, and you also have the option to add more home theatre accessories.

Moreover, an excellent approach to enhance your viewing pleasure is by installing a projector in your bedroom. Therefore, employ your projector as a component of your home entertainment system right away. Using this home theater system, you can enjoy cinematic visualization even in your bedroom, sitting in your convenient way.

6.    Customized Soffit:

One of the rarest places in the bedroom that is known by only a few users is the customized soffit. Undoubtedly, it is more expensive than the others. But still, it will give you the best visualizing outcomes. This is a common solution that home theatre designers turn to. It entails constructing a “box” that wraps the whole projector, typically out of wood. In addition to concealing the projector, the wooden enclosure can also provide architectural appeal because this soffit is prepared to match the other woodwork in the space.

We know that soffits may be costly to install, despite their effectiveness as a hiding method. The soffit must be properly ventilated because projectors produce maximum heat when use excessively, which occasionally necessitates the inclusion of cooling fans. Remember one thing the soffit should be constructed with a trap door to make it simple to maintain the device.

7.    Short-Throw Projector:

Last but not the least, you can use the short throw projector option for your ease. Due to recent developments in technology and aesthetics, short-throw projectors—originally intended primarily as an alternative key for conference rooms—are now a practical option for media rooms.

Short-throw projectors, in contrast to business units, are being made to seem like pieces of furniture. So that they can be placed just a few centimeters away from the screen to get the best possible image resolution. The picture quality that comes out here is just amazing.

Few ideas about setting up the projector in the bedroom

When placing a projector in your bedroom, you need a few things to take into account. Placing the projector comfortable is the first important consideration. Depending on how your room is set up and the size of your bed, you have a few alternatives.

  • First, put the projector on a nightstand or cupboard if your bed size is bigger. You’ll be able to do this and watch TV or movies most comfortably.
  • Secondly, put the projector on a bookshelf or bench if your bed is smaller. As a result, you will have greater freedom in deciding where to put the projector, and changing its angle would be easier.
  • Thirdly, mounting the projector is another issue to think about. Several options are available in this article as well, depending on the projector model you own. You can go with utilizing a straightforward tripod if you have a little, lightweight projector.
  • However, you’ll need to utilize a more robust mount if your projector is bigger and heavier. Choose a mount that works with your projector from among the many options that are accessible.


Putting the projector in the bedroom is not a difficult task. It is just critical to choose where to place the projector that will be suitable and comfortable for it. In our current article, we have explained some of the best options you can use for placing your projector in your bedroom. With the hope that you will find the best-suited place for your projector. Feel free to ask any queries, you have in your mind. We will love to solve them for you.


Can you mount your projector onto the ceiling of the bedroom?

Yes, you can mount your projector on the ceiling of your bedroom. There’s no need for any extra objects or accessories for this purpose. If your ceiling is plain then you can use it as it is. No more alterations are required.

Can a floor stand be used for the projector’s placement?

Yes, the floor stand can also be used for placing the projector. If your bedroom has a plain floor stand or a ceiling stand, you can use both options for placing the projector in your bedroom.