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How To Connect A PS4 To A Projector – Easy Hack! 

Is your PS4 not working on a projector? Projectors have become a popular device globally for entertainment purposes. In the early days, people used to have TVs to watch mega serial programmes. But, the quality and resolution that a projector offers is worth the investment. As the video and sound quality is quite better than that of a flat screen TV. 

Once you have opted for a projector, you will want to know how to connect a PS4 to a projector? It’s quite an easy process that won’t need much of a technical grip if you know the right way. This article will help you walk the entire process of connecting your PS4 to the projector. So, you could enjoy mega games right on your projector display. 

Let’s dive right in. 

How To Setup PS4 To Projector – 02 Smart Ways 

Once you have decided to use a projector to play games on PS4, the first question that will pop up on your mind will be how you can plug your projector into PS4. There are two different ways to do the needful. The first method involves the use of the HDMI port and the other way is to connect the projector to PS4 without the use of HDMI ports. Lastly, you can also consider connecting your projector wirelessly with the PS4. 

With the wireless connectivity option, most youngsters make a fuss of a lack of performance issue. Some say that they face internet connection issues while they try to connect their projector to PS4 wirelessly. However, it could be possible that you have a bad internet connection or the device you are using is not fully compatible to be able to work with PS4. Further, it could also be possible that the performance issue is due to the distance between your internet device, projector and PS4 is great enough. 

Although there could be multiple reasons, to avoid such hassle, you can easily connect the PS4 to the projector using the two most successful wired ways. So, let’s just find out how to connect a PS4 to a projector. 

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Connecting PS4 to Projector Using HDMI Port – 1st Method

To connect your projector to PS4 , you will need a projector having the specification of HDMI connectivity port available, a decent  projector screen, a HDMI cable and definitely a PS4 device. Once you have all the aforementioned things with you, you now can have the answer to the question how to connect PS4 to projector with HDMI

To avoid any technical glitch, the best way is to power off all the devices that you will be using to build a connection. Now, start with holding the HDMI cable and connect its one end to the projector you are using for PS4. Then, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your PS4 device. Note, you must ensure that your PS4 device has a compatibility of accessing HDMI connectivity. Else, it won’t be possible to build a connection in between these two using the HDMI port. 

Once you have rightly connected the wire, now is the time to power on both your PS4 gaming console and the projector device. Now, go to the option of setting using the menu of navigation displaying on the screen of the projector. Next, you have to click on options pertaining to display and then click on the PS4 using the input method. 

After doing the above steps, your PS4 gaming console will be now visible on the projector. This shows that the connection is successfully established. 

Connecting PS4 to Projector Without Using HDMI Port – 2nd Method

Most people tend to search for ways to connect the projector to PS4 without having the use of HDMI port connectivity. Basically, the need for this happens when you are using a way too old type of projector that does not support the connectivity via the HDMI. But, worry not, as there is a way out that will answer users most-asked question: how to plug a PS4 into a projector without HDMI. The simple solution to this is to opt for other connectivity ports. 

You can use either AV, VGA or DVI ports instead of a HDMI port. For this, first you have to inspect your projector and what kind of cable options it gives you. The two most prominent options are VGA cable to HDMI cable or the combination of DVI cable to HDMI. Once you figure out the cable connectivity options availability then the process to connect the PS4 to the projector is the same as it has mentioned above. 

Know How to Hook Up PS4 to Epson Projector – Easy Way

The process is quite simple if you are looking to connect PS4 to Epson projector – simply by having a HDMI cable to establish the connection in between these two devices. All you have to do is take the one part of the cable that you will use to connect on the playstation HDMI port and use the other end of the port to connect with the projector to build an erro-free connection. 

Once done with establishing the connection, you can now start the power of the devices involved to let the PS4 hook up to the Epson projector. Get ready now for an amazing gaming experience right on the Epson projector

Know How to Connect PS4 to Old Projector – Simple Way

In case you do not have access to a new model of the projector , you can still connect your PS4 to the projector using the old projector. The only difference you will find here is old projectors are more likely to have the access to VGA port instead of an HDMI port cable. In this scenario, you need to just learn how to connect PS4 to projector with VGA port. Simply, you have to connect both the devices ends using the VGA port with the same method that has been discussed above with the projector. 


Can you play PS4 through a projector?

You can play PS4 through a projector as it offers you a big resolution screen to play games with fun. You can easily connect any PS4 model be it PS2, PS3, PS4 or PS1 gaming console to the projector. You need to just have HDMI port connections to establish a connection between your PS4 device and projector. 

Can you connect PS4 to projector wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect PS4 to projector wirelessly with an internet connection that is seamless as it requires to be able to play games without any lag or connectivity issues. 

Can you mirror PS4 to projector?

Yes, you can mirror PS4 to projector using different ways such as the connection of HDMI, using Bluetooth and wi-fi  as one wireless way to connect the projector to PS4 and get a mirrored screen.

Is HDMI the only way to play PS4?

In most scenarios, HDMI is the only way to connect PS4 to projector as most new projectors have the HDMI connection. But, in case, you don’t have an HDMI port then you can opt for other ports that are available to you such as VGA, AV etc. 

Final Words

To conclude, you now have a clear picture on how to connect a PS4 to projector with or without an HDMI port connectivity use. We are sure you will now be having a great gaming experience on PS4 using the projector large resolution screen with the right balance of colours and an astounding sound quality.