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Why Is My Skylight Projector Making Noise?

Do you want a skylight projector but afraid of its noise? Well, no need to worry about that. We’ve gathered the information that will help you in finding your skylight projector’s problem. In our article, we’ve also described the solutions to each problem causing the noise. Let’s have a look.

Projectors are of great demand since their arrival in the market. People are preferring projectors over commercial TVs because of their several undeniable advantages. But at the same time, some demerits of the projectors make the user think twice before buying them. One of the major pitfalls of the skylight projector is its noise that is causing trouble to the user to some extent. How it affects and when? Let’s have a look at it.

Skylight projectors are used to project lights onto the wall or the room’s ceiling. Mostly, skylight projectors are used for children’s rooms or classrooms. But even after so much care and ambiance, these projectors cause noise and heat that is unbearable.

In this article, we will mention the reasons behind skylight projectors causing noise or how to tackle this problem using easier solutions with no cost.

Reasons behind skylight projector’s noise:

No doubt, several reasons would be affecting the projector’s activity at the same time, thus causing the noise. Most skylight projectors come up with an effective cooling system that helps to ventilate the whole projector while it’s working.

But, in some cases, it gets damaged or some part of it becomes ineffective. Therefore, before finding an accurate solution, you need to understand what’s causing the problem. Here are some of the major reasons behind the skylight projector’s noise:

Damaged fan’s noise of skylight projector:

If you are using the projector for a longer time, the dust must get attached to the internal parts of the skylight projector. The time proceeds, the quality of the projector gets fall off and the efficacy of the projector is also reduced.

Hence, the fan will not be able to move as fast as it could be in normal conditions. So that when there is any hindrance caused by the fan’s movement, the ventilation will be affected. Thus, the fan cause noise when not able to run properly.

Weather conditions:

Another reason behind the projector’s noise is the environmental change. For example, if you’ve placed your projector in a humid environment or the hotter one, the projector will start causing noise after some continuous hours of work.

It means that if the humidity in the air exceeds 70%, it will cause some damage to the internal parts of the projector. So that the skylight projector will cause noise after running for a longer duration.

Longer time use:

Next, it is believed that if the skylight projector is working for a longer duration, it will cause noise in this situation too. The reason behind this point is the excessive use of the skylight projector for hours without much care and maintenance. In this way, the skylight projector’s functionality will be slowed down with time. And after years, the projector will start producing unwanted noise while working for hours.

  • Faulty sound system:

Just in case, you bought a brand new skylight projector for your child, it starts causing harsh and irritating sounds even if it has an excellent sound system. Well, there’s some sort of fault in the sound system which needs your attention. Some of the major reasons that might cause this kind of situation are as below:

  • When you turn it off directly
  • The projector gets overheated
  • Continuous running of the fan

In all these situations, just call the manufacturers and ask for help to solve this problem as soon as possible. So that the efficiency of the skylight projector may not be damaged.

Wrong placement of the skylight projector:

Likewise, if you’ve placed your skylight projector in the wrong place while running. Not at that time but after a passage of time, the skylight projector will start causing some noises that might be irritable.

Also, the projector might get heated if you place it in an improper position. The placement of the skylight projector matters a lot in the effective working of the skylight projector. So, keeping it in mind, place your skylight projector properly.

How to prevent the Skylight Projector’s Noise

Preventing the skylight projector’s noise will help the projector to work efficiently for a longer time. It will take you much time to make your skylight projector a bit quieter. By following some of the instructions and strategies, you will seek out this noise issue.

Let’s move to the solutions we’ve found for your ease.

Better ventilation:

First of all, to work properly, better ventilation is a necessity for the skylight projector. So it is better to choose the proper place for the ventilation and let it work effectively. For better ventilation of the skylight projector, you need to do:

  • Well-oriented ventilator
  • Open space for proper ventilation
  • Check the ventilation’s working timely

Complete Maintenance:

If you’re using the skylight projector for so long, it is a piece of wise advice to maintain it properly. So that the projector will run without any noise. Always keep the skylight projector neat and clean. Clean all the dust and dirt with some soft cloth and alcohol. The exterior maintenance of the skylight projector is easier than the interior one.

So we will suggest you do the exterior maintenance by yourself. But call the expert for the interior maintenance of the skylight projector. And always try to keep the maintenance after a few months of working. Hence, there would be fewer chances of the skylight projector being damaged.

Accurate Placement:

Deciding a good place to put your skylight projector matters a lot for the effective working of the projector with no noise. Always choose the open room for placing the skylight projector where the ventilation and the internal system of the projector will work properly. In this way, the skylight projector will run for a longer time.

Suitable Environment:

Always place your skylight projector somewhere where the humidity level will not be exceeding 50%. Because if the environment is less humid or hotter, the skylight projector’s fan will run without causing any noise. So that no damage will be caused to the skylight projector.

Turn off completely:

Once you’re done with the skylight projector’s use, turn it off completely. Don’t be hurried while turning it off. Keep waiting when the system is shutting down and when the system shuts down completely then turn the projector off.

Does this skylight projector’s noise cause damage?

The noise caused by the skylight projector is not as damageable as it seems. But if you’re ear sensitive, then it might hurt your ears. Or if the fan’s causing noise, it might affect the fan’s functionality to drop down your skylight projector.


Well, if your skylight projector is suffering from noise due to some above-mentioned reasons, you can apply the solutions we have mentioned below the problems to seek them out at once. But, in case, it is still not working, then it’s better to change the skylight projector with the new and the advanced one. So that you will save your time, energy, and money there. Because sometimes some parts of the projector never get replaced. So it is better to replace them.


Is it possible to stop the projector from making noise?

Yes, it is possible to stop your projector from making noise. For this purpose, you need to do:
Check the specifications.
Keep it clean
Maintenance check
Use protective environment

Can I make my projector silent?

Yes, you can make your projector silent. You can place the projector in the sound-insulated box from where the sound of the projector will not come out.