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Are Projectors Better than TVs?

A question comes to mind when you go to buy a screen for your home “whether a TV is better or a projector”. Well, projectors are a more portable, affordable, and advanced alternative to a TV. Let’s have a look inside them.

One of the most common questions arising in the recent generation is whether a projector is better than a TV. Well, TV has ruled the world of Entertainment for decades. Recently, it has been replaced by a projector for multiple reasons. A projector has a big screen for better visualization with a better sound system and clear picture quality. As the projector has many advantages; it also has some negative points such as a darker environment or manual focusing.

As of the question is concerned, TVs and projectors both have pros and cons. The choice depends on the person who needs it and the scenario where the pick suits the best. For this keen purpose, we have compared both TVs and projectors in all aspects.

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Characteristics That Vary In Projectors And TVs

Talking about the characteristics that differentiate the projector and TV from each other, many choices have been mentioned here in detail:

Screen Size

At first, we compared the screen size of the projector and TV. Because the first thing everyone prioritizes about a projector and TV is the size of the screen. With this feature, projectors beat the TV because you can buy an 85’’ larger-sized TV for $3000. While, a bit expensive but with a 120’’ screen size, 4K resolution, and image brightness comes in a projector. So, undoubtedly, the projector is worth its value in every aspect of the screen.

Brighter Image

Next, compare the brightness of the images developed on the screen of the projector where it is measured in lumens in projectors but nits in a TV. Regarding this factor, TV takes the point over the projector. The reason behind this factor is that even a budget-friendly TV gives you an even and enough brighter image on the screen. Whereas, the projector’s brightness depends on the surroundings of the room. If the room is lighter, you need to enhance the brightness of the image to get a clearer view. However, projectors having higher brightness comes at an expensive range. Even in that case, the brightness bulb gets dimmer after use for a certain time.

Contrast Ratio

Well, the contrast ratio is determined by the black background of the image with the brightness level. In the case of TV, the contrast ratio is better because a little variation can easily manage the background of the image on a TV screen. However, it is difficult in the case of a projector because balancing the contrast ratio is challenging. You have to maintain the balance between the backgrounds of the screen along with the brighter image. But, there is an advantage for the projector users here is that the recently designed projectors have the additional option of automatic contrast ratio reset. This will help you to balance the ratio without putting much effort into it.

Picture Resolution

Comparing the picture resolution, both TV and projectors have their 4K ultra-HD models where the resolution of the picture comes to the finest quality. However, both are more expensive than the normal TVs and projectors. If you are looking for something with a higher resolution, both are best in their specifications.

Color Precision

Considering this factor, a projector is way better than a TV because the projector comes with a light-controlled projector room. Whereas, the TV has to put much effort into getting decent color precision. Also, the price range matters a lot. If you’re budget-free, the color-controlled projector is for you. However, if you’re budget-restricted, it is better to go for a projector. No doubt, the HDR color dynamic precision is available in a projector but it comes at an expensive range.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the main priorities of a buyer when choosing between a TV and a projector. Comparing this quality, we came to know about the fact that both are the same in this feature but at a different aspect. How? Some models of a TV have better and louder speakers for a good sound. But, the others don’t provide the same. The same happens with the projectors. Some of the projectors have the best speakers with louder sound quality but not all the projectors have the same sound system.

Occupying Space

No doubt that projectors occupy lesser space in the home than a TV. The rollable screen of the projector can be rolled up during the free time and rolled down when the theatre scene is one. Also, it is more convenient to fold and put the projector into the cabinet or cupboard when there is no need for it. Projectors are small and light in weight so it is easier to carry them up with yourself.

On the other hand, TVs are heavier and larger. They cannot be folded which means that you cannot place them in the cupboard. Moreover, TVs cover more space in the room than the projector. Also, they are fixed. You can’t move them from one place to another.

Family Get Together

Where there is a family gathering or get-together, there is a movie night. For this purpose, projectors are chosen. The reason behind this is that the projector has a larger and clearer view of the maximum number of people in the home. Moreover, the projector provides the option of video games too for children or adults. But, the TV is way smaller for the gathering as only a few of them can get a clearer and larger glimpse of the image shown on the TV. Also, there are only a few options than watching movies. So, for movie nights or Netflix specials, the projector is for you.


Last but not the least, if you are planning a family trip and want to watch a movie there, projectors are for you. Projectors are smaller, lighter, and portable enough that you can take them with you anywhere and set them accordingly. Even, if you’ve changed the house set up, shifting the projector from one place to the other is too easy.

While a TV cannot be taken with you anywhere. It needs different connections to be arranged for proper working. In addition, shifting a TV from one room of the house to the other is also difficult and full of effort.

FAQs about the Projector vs TV

What is more preferable to buy, a projector or a TV?

Well, it is preferable to have a projector than a TV in this era. The reason behind this is the benefits a projector gives, not the TV.

  • Bigger screen
  • More portable
  • Affordable price
  • Compact and good quality

Do 4K projectors better than a TV?

Yes, 4K projectors are much better than a TV. A 4K projector gives more space and brightness to the image than a normal TV. Also, the quality of the picture is more focused when getting through the 4K projector. The colors of the image become more vivid and clear, making the picture clearer and sharper.

Is a projector good for the eyes?

Yes, a projector is much better for the eyes because a TV directs an eye-damaging blue light to the eyes. However, a projector makes the light indirect, converting the light to the non-damaging blue light.


After a deep look into all the factors by comparing both TV and projector, we have concluded that a projector is better than a TV. A projector comes with a larger screen size, less space occupied, multiple inputs for other connections, and many more. A TV has all the characteristics but in a limited range. Whereas, the projector has a wider range of applications. Thus, in this advanced era, projectors are better than a TV.

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